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Three Reel Slots

Probably the most prolific slot type across the US is the classic slots. Games like Double Diamonds and Triple Diamonds are classic slot machines. While they appear to be the same as the old slots from the pre 1970's era they are vastly different in the way they work.

Classic Slot Machines

The original slot machines worked entirely on an electro mechanical system which meant that each winning combination had the same chance of being hit. It also meant that you could easily work out the payout by counting the number of symbols on the reels and the various combinations.

Modern day classic slots all have a random number generator inside of them which controls all spin outcomes. This means that even though a slot machine might have real spinning reels and look like an old game it is not.

Image 1 seen below is an example of a classic slot machine found online. To give you a clearer picture we have highlighted the reels and pay line in Image 2. You will also notice that the pay table is located to the right of the reels.

3 Reel Slot Reel Highlight

Classic slots can also have the following features:

Wild Symbols
A wild symbol on a classic slot machine acts like a joker in a deck of cards. It substitutes for other symbols and can give you the benefit of completing big three symbol combinations. In general the top jackpot will be three wild symbols line up on the pay line.

Wild Multiplier Symbols
If you have ever played Double Diamonds you will know what a wild multiplier does. Basically the wild symbol substitutes for other symbols and multiplies your win. Often you will find that one wild multiplies your win by 2 and two wild symbols multiply your win by 4.

There are also instances where you will find slots with multipliers of five times, twenty five times or even 100 times. In general these are the best classic slot machines to play. As they offer bigger chances of winning.

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