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How Slot Machines Work

All modern day slot machines work in exactly the same way. It makes no difference if they are video slots, spinning reel slots or online slot machines - the basic principals remain the same. Slot machines have changed dramatically from the early days in the 1930's to the current day.

Inside The Games

At the heart of every slot machine is a random number generator. It is the RNG that controls the whole game from the outcomes on the reels to the payout percentage. Every game you play on a slot machine can be broken up into the following three stages.

The Game Activation
A game on a slot machine begins when you pull the handle, press the spin button or if online click your mouse. It makes no difference to the outcome how you start the reels spinning. In fact the handles on slots have been left to give the illusion of the antique slot machines.

The RNG Selection
Once the reels are spinning the computer inside of the slot machine selects a random number which corresponds to a combination on the reels. It important to note that all combinations do not have an equal chance of being hit.

Even when no one is playing a slot machine the random number generator is still cycling though number combinations. It is entirely possible that as you walk passed a slot game that is not being played that the game just went passed the top jackpot combination.

The Outcome
The reels then stop and display symbols that have been decided by the RNG. You then find out if your spin has been a winner or a loser.

How Online Slots Work

The only real difference between playing online and playing at your local casino is the distance of yourself to the RNG. When playing online you click your mouse, then a signal is sent from your computer to a game server at the online casino, then the outcome is sent back to your computer.

About Payout Percentages

Slot machines are all set at a specified payout percentage. This is normally under 100% and can be as low as 70%. The pay out percentages however are not really useful to individual players as your results will vary substantial from the set payout. This is a good thing - who would play if you always lost money?

Modern day slot machine will in the long term end up returning the set payout percentage back to players. This could take several years to occur and many millions of spins.

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