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Slot Machine Myths

Slot machines are most probably the most misunderstood of all the casino games. Myths and superstitions seem to make up a large part of the confusion. In this section we dispel some of the most common myths and shed some light on why most of the superstitions are unfounded.

The Most common Slots Myths

Two Jackpots in a Row
Many players believe that a jackpot will not be won again any time soon after it has just been hit. This is totally false as each spin is in no way related to the last. If you look at the winners lists of the major jackpots you will often see the same jackpot being hit within a very short time.

All Combinations are NOT equal
It is also a myth that every combination has the same chance of being hit. While the random number generator picks random numbers they relate only to the programmed winning combinations. See example below,

Lets say that the top jackpot on a slot machine is hit with the number 1 and that the jackpots get smaller as the numbers get larger. So the range of numbers the RNG can pick would be as follows. 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4,5,5,5,5, and so on. This is a simplified example of course as modern day slots can have millions of winning, losing and near miss combinations.

Near misses mean a big win is close
This is false. Slot machine makers program in these near misses with the aim of giving players the illusion of getting close to the big jackpot. They have absolutely no relation to how close a jackpot is.

The odds are better on 3 reel slots compared to 5 reel slots
False. The odds of winning are determined by the RNG. If a 5 reel slot has a pay back percentage of 97% and a three reel slots has a payout percentage of 97% they will pay back the same amount over time and give roughly the same odds of winning. The extra reels make no difference.

"That player just won MY jackpot!"
If you have ever stopped playing a slot machine only to see someone pop a coin in and hit the jackpot you may have said the line above. In reality you probably would have not hit the same jackpot even if you had of kept playing. This is because you would have had to hit the spin button in exactly the same millisecond that the other player did - highly unlikely.

Casinos can change the payout percentage to whatever they like
False. All slot machine come with a set payout percentage on the game chip. This can only be altered by the slot manufacturer and requires approval from state gaming authorities and the like.

Warm coins mean a jackpot is near
I you find a slot machine paying out coins that are warm to touch it simple means that the coins have been heated up by the internal lights in the game cabinet. It has no relation to the outcome on the reels.

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