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Slot Machine Systems

If you have ever searched the Internet for slots systems you are sure to have found countless sites trying to sell you an "unbeatable" slots system. If you have bought one of these systems you should have learned that NONE of them are any good - there is no unbeatable slots system.

Slots Systems - Why they don't work

There are many types of slot machine systems. The first type try to convince you that you can have an effect on what comes up on the reels, the second try to change the odds by using different bet sizes, using electronic devices or locating the best machines. The fact is none of them work

You cannot effect the RNG of a slot machine in any way
The random number generator found inside all slot machines is just a computer chip and runs on a program. As a player there is no way to influence the outcome of any spin. You are really just along for the ride.

Your bet size has NO effect on the outcome
Slots are random and do not take into account the amount you are betting when you press the spin button. The only thing that happens is that a combination is selected. The RNG does not know how much you have bet.

Jackpot Devices
There are quite a few sites selling "remote control" type devices that claim to transmit a winning signal to the slot machine you are playing. These sell from anywhere from $100 to $500 online and are a complete scam. They are made from cheap parts found at any electronics store and have a real value of $0.

Even finding the best slots in a casino does not guarantee you will win
Many slot machine systems focus only on finding the best games in the casino. While this is not all bad it still does not guarantee you will win. A slot machine that pays out big today might do the same tomorrow or might not - that's why slots machines can be so thrilling to play.

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