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Types of Slot Machines

If you have ever walked into a land based casino or downloaded an online casino you would have noticed that slots make up the majority of the games. In the early years they were all very similar but modern day slots come in a wide range of variations. Below we list the most popular.

Classic Slot Machines
This is what we call the original style of slots machines. That is, slots with three spinning reels and horizontal pay out line. These slots have a fixed level top jackpot prize.

Progressive Slot Machines
All slots that have a jackpot that grows as they are played are known as progressive slots. They can come in a wide range of styles but if the to jackpot is not fixed then they are progressive. In general progressive slots have a lower payback than non progressive games.

Multi-Line Slot Machines
These are slots with more than one pay out line. They can have from between three and five spinning reels. While they tend to have a higher hit rate than single line games they also cost more per spin to play.

Bonus Game Slot Machines
A relatively new addition to the slot machine is the bonus game. These bonus games can be anything from a bonus pay, a second screen or a spinning "Wheel of Fortune" style game.

"Buy A Pay" Slot Machines
These slots stress the importance of reading the pay table before you play as they have different jackpot levels depending on how much you bet. This is why they are commonly called Buy-a-Pay slots.

Five Reel Slot Machines
As the name suggests these games have five spinning reels instead of the more common three. They where originally called Australian Style slots as they where first developed in Australia by Aristocrat Leisure Industries. They are now available all over the world and online.

Nine Line Slots
These games have nine different winning lines and tens to be five reel slots as well. Many of the modern day video slots have 9 lines. More often than not you will also find that games with nine lines have some sort of bonus game or wild multiplier symbol.

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