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Buy a Pay Slots

These are the one type of slot machines that we really don't like. They cause the most disappointments and really work on the fact that most players don't read the pay tables properly before playing. After reading this you should have a better understanding of why we rate these as the worst of all slot games.

The name of these slots really says it all. You have three or more separate pay tables, each one is activated by betting an additional coin - hence the name buy a pay. The problem is that many players play less than max coins, hit the top jackpot and then realize that they get NOTHING for it.

Below are two images of a slot machine. At first glance at Image 1 you could be forgiven for just thinking that it looks like your average slot game. If you look at image 2 which is a close up of just the pay tables you see the difference.

Buy a Pay Slot Game Pay Table Close Up

As you can see in image 2 you can only win on the bar combinations if you bet less than three coins per spin. Even if you hit the three red sevens you won't get the win of 4000 coins. You MUST play max coins on games like this.

In the example above the buy a pay feature is quite well indicated but you will find slots where this is not the case so you must really take it on yourself to give the pay table a good read before playing.

Overall we rate these slots as the lowest of slot types simply because so many players have their enjoyment ruined by their misleading style.

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