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Multi-Line Slots

Slots with more than one winning line are known as multi-line slots. They offer the chance the win in more ways on each spin but you do have to pay for the pleasure. They come in a variety of types such a three line, five line and even 9 line. In this section we cover 3 reel games with up to five line.

Multiline Slot Machines

Multi-line slots have advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that they have a high hit rate and more chances to win per spin. You can also hit a winner on more than one line on a single spin.

The clear disadvantage of multi-line slots compared to classic slots is that the tend to cost more and they can be a trap for the unwary player. This is because most multi-line slots only pay the top jackpot if you are playing max coins. Play less and you could hit the right combination and get nothing.

Image 1 below shows a popular multi-line online slots and Image 2 shows the same game with the reels and pay line highlighted in purple. You can see from this example that the game below has 5 wining lines.

Multiline Slot Game Pay Line Example

Before playing any multi-line slots be sure to take a good look at the payout table and see if there is an advantage of playing max coins. You will find that there usually is, so if you have a small budget it mat be better for you to fin a different game to play.

The other option if you find that max bet will be too expensive is to change to a machine with a lower coin size. This way you will have all lines active and not miss any of those crucial jackpot opportunities.

Other Types Of Multi Line Slots
Apart from three reel multi-line games there are also other variations such as 5 reel slots and Multi-Spin slots. Choose a section below for more information.

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