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Bonus Slot Machines

The latest slot machines innovation is the bonus game slots. They come in a wide variety of slots styles but all have one thing in common. They have an additional feature which adds to the winning chances and also adds to your playing enjoyment. They can be highly entertaining.

Slots with Bonus Features

Almost all new slots made today have a bonus game of some sort. Players in casinos around the world and online now demand the extra entertainment. The bonus games come in a range of styles.

Second Screen Features
These are additional bonus games that display a different screen where you can win money. They can be anything from horse races to simple pick a box style games. Jackpot Party is a popular bonus screen slot machine.

Free Spin Features
Quite common among five reel slots is the free spin feature. Usually you have to get three or more of a certain symbols and then you get free spins. On the better games your win is multiplied for all of the free games.

Wheel Of Fortune Style Bonus Games
Quite a few slots now have a spinning wheel of fortune style bonus wheel where you win additional coins. The best example of this type of game is of course IGT's popular licensed version of the real Wheel of Fortune show.

Image 1 below shows a popular bonus game found online called Sizzling Scorpions. In Image two you can see the bonus game which is a race where you have to pick the winner.

Bonus Game Slot Machine Bonus Screen Game

Playing slot machines is all about entertainment value. While it is really fun to win it can be even more fun just to hit the bonus game and see what happens.

You won't always win when playing the slots but with bonus games you should at least be entertained while you are losing your cash.

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