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Nine Line Slots

Many slot machines with 5 reels have 9 winning lines. This adds to the possible winning chances per spin as you have many more ways to complete the combinations. In recent years the number of nine line slot machine games found online has increased dramatically.

9 Line Slot Machines

Below are two images relating to nine line slots. Image 1 is an example of a popular 5 reel 9 line game found online and Image 2 is a sample of how the different pay lines are arranged.

A Nine Line Slot Game 9 Line Layout

You will find that different slots from different software makers will have the lines arranged in a different manner so it is always best to check the pay table of the game you are about to play to understand what is a line and what isn't. This way you will avoid any possible disappointment.

It is also advisable to check to see if there are any particular betting requirements needed to activate all lines and to see if there are any bonus pays or advantages of betting max coins per spin.

For example on the Microgaming progressive game Treasure Nile the top jackpot is only available on the 9th and final line. If you play less than 9 lines you could well hit the right combination and win nothing.

Another point about 9 line slot machines that should be noted is the ability to bet more than one coin per line. Many slots of this type let you bet up to 5 coins per line which can very easily turn a penny slot machine into a nickel game.

9 line slots can also have the following features :

Wild Symbols - These symbols act like a joker in a deck of cards
Wild Multipliers - Symbols which substitute AND multiply your win
Scatter Pays - These are symbols that you don't have to line up to win.
Second Screen Games - Bonus rounds that give you the chance to win
Free Spins - Generally hit three special symbols for 15 free games

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