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Slot Machine Strategy

There is ONE thing that you as a slot machine player can do to effect the outcome of a playing session. That is MANAGE your money in a way that lets you play longer, get more entertainment value and if your lucky hit a jackpot or two along the way. The following strategies are a good start.

Strategy 1 - The Play Through Technique

This is a very simple strategy which is very easy to use. It almost guarantees that you will walk away from the slots with at least some money if not more money than what you started with.

All you have to do is decide on your session budget and then divide that amount by the amount you intend to bet. For example lets say you have $100 to play with and are going to play a $1 slot with a one coin max bet. You then simply have 100 spins. At the end of the 100 spins you walk away.

This is especially easy when you have coins to play with as you put one coin in at a time and then collect any winnings in the coin tray. You repeat the process with all of your coins until you run out, at which time you collect what's in the tray and leave. Of course if you are winning you can repeat the process.

Strategy 2 - The Hit and Run Method

This is the most volatile slot machine money management strategy but can occasionally lead to big winnings. If you are usually a quarter machine player try taking a percentage of your bankroll and play it through a $1 or higher machine. While you risk losing a portion of you bankroll quickly you also have the chance at the bigger winnings that these slots can produce.

The trick to using this technique all come down to the run. If you do hit a combination that gets you ahead. Cash out and return to the lower denomination games. This way you will have more time to play on your normal games and can stretch your bankroll out with the winnings.

This is also a great strategy to try if you find yourself hitting a big jackpot on a quarter machine as you can just use a small portion of your winnings to try to really hit the big one.

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