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Top Seven Slots Tips

The following are our 7 best tips we can give you for winning on the slots. Best of all they are free and all we ask is that you save your money for playing slots and don't waste it on buying some of the useless slots systems being sold online.

How to Win at Slots

1. Set a budget and stick to it
This could well be the most important tip. Before you start playing set a budget for the session and if you lose that amount STOP playing.

2. Set a win / loss goal
Before you play decide how much you want to win. Be realistic, don't start off saying you want to win a million dollars. Doubling your bankroll can be a good win goal. You can set a stop goal if you lose half your money.

3 . Read the pay table carefully
Before you put any money in a slot machine take a mement to become familiar with the payout table. Make sure that you understand any betting requirements and bonus games.

4. Play max coins at all times
You will almost always get some kind of bonus for playing max coins so unless you see that there is no advantage it is always better to be betting max.

5. Play a machine that suits your budget
You should have enough money in your bankroll for at least 50 spins. So if your bankroll is $20 playing a dollar machine is probably not a good idea.

6. Don't chase progressive jackpots
While the million dollar win might be very tempting, few players actualy get the big jackpot. Progressive slots tend to have lowere payout ercentages so in the long term if you don'y hit the big one you will be losing more.

7. Have FUN
Slot machines where invented to entertain players and more importantly make casinos money. So the key is to be entertained and if you are lucky enought to win walk away a winner...

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